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Tomato Paste's history started some 50 years ago when Boot came to Hope Town as a small boy and was playing baseball in what is now called Quackenbush Park with the local kids.

Back then, all the kids went barefoot and Boot, wanting to be like the local kids, had his shoes off too. His parents had told him he MUST wear his shoes at all times..... well, the local radio operator at the time named Sherlock, and a now local grocer named Vernon, knew he should have his shoes on so, as a gag, they went and got a can of tomato paste and dumped it in his shoes. When the game was over and Boot came in from the outfield, he now had tomato paste in the shoes he should have had on. SO... now to explain to his parents how he got tomato paste in his shoes "He had on" or else "why his shoes were soaking wet" from washing them out in the sea; He was in trouble any way he looked at it.

Well, as time past and their paths to continued cross, both Sherlock and Vernon would greet Boot with hello and as they passed, Sherlock or Vernon would say" tomato paste" just loud enough so Boot would hear them.......

This verbal bantering continued for many years......

and with Sherlock until he died in 2003

So, in 1999, when Boot discovered this property in Fry's Mangrove, a very secluded and quiet little cove on the sea side of Elbow Cay with 2 old cottages, old fishing balls hanging on trees, over grown woods and a mishmash of stuff, how could it not be called TOMATO PASTE!

Since 1999, we have been putting both of our skills together and creating a spot on Elbow Cay unique in Bahamian flavor with our pastel colored rental cottages and a special spot where we can preserve a bit of Bahamian history with our Bahamian-built wood boat restoration and storage facility called Great Harbour Boat Restoration.

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