Who's Running Tomato Paste?

Tomato Paste is the combined dream of both Boot and Kent LeBoutillier.......

Boot who is an ex-ski instructor turned custom contractor and his wife, Kent who is a pastry chef and artist.

Boot has been traveling to Hope Town since the early 1960's and when he came down to do a remodel on his parent's family vacation home in 1998, he discovered this little piece of paradise we now call Tomato Paste.

Moving from Aspen, Colorado's mountains to the sea shores of the Bahamas has been a great experience. We have designed and constructed all that is Tomato Paste today. We have tried to keep what mother nature gave us as is and have put back added beauty to compliment our surroundings while keeping the flavor of Hope Town and the Bahamas in all that we do.

Now with construction complete, we have lots going on including vacation cottages, the preservation and restoration of Bahamian built wood boats as well as Kent's creative endeavors.... CocoMotion Island Art and Cakes for the Occasion.


Our 3 island dogs, Jake, Pudgy and Jethro keep us all busy too. Despite never lacking for something going, we are never too busy to enjoy our cottage guests or show passers-by what Tomato Paste is all about.


We hope you will find your way to Tomato Paste!!!

Boot, Kent, Jake, Pudgy and Jethro



Fish Tales Cottage

Salty Dog Cottage

Bit' A Heaven Studio

Great Harbour Boat Restoration

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